Hormonal Health:

Hormonal changes can have a dramatic impact on our physical and emotional health. Sometimes, hormonal imbalance symptoms are difficult to recognize because you can’t find a perfect description of your experience, so you simply describe it as “something weird or not right” happening inside your body.

Hormone imbalance is a very common condition and occurs not only in women, but men as well. Imbalances can cause many undesirable and disruptive psychological and physiological symptoms as our hormones have a profound impact on the brain and body and play a major role in our physical and psychological health and well-being. Among other things, they regulate mental processes, mood, metabolism, growth, prenatal development, sexual development and function, metabolism and tissue function.

A Hormonal imbalance is either the overproduction or underproduction of chemical messengers in the body called hormones. Hormones regulate metabolism (the conversion of food nutrients into energy and the body’s consumption of such energy), growth, immune system function, mood, hunger and satiety, sexual drive and reproduction. These chemical messengers are produced by certain cells or glands in the body and function by affecting how the organs work.

Through clinical assessment and Lab testing of thyroid and adrenals, Dr. Gareau can understand any imbalances you might be experiencing, and a individualize treatment plan to establish an optimal hormonal balance.