Cold Laser Therapy - Low level laser Therapy

Theralase therapeutic laser treatments provide patients with a safe, effective and painless therapy that uses the body’s own natural healing systems to relieve pain, increase joint mobility, increase tissue integrity and promote cell regeneration. Theralase lasers offer treatment for acute and chronic pain conditions, addictions, and cosmetic revitalization. These lasers help you regain the active and healthy lifestyle you yearn for by utilizing the power of light energy.

Theralase lasers work by supplying the body with billions of photons of light at very specific wavelengths. The body absorbs this laser light on a cellular level and transforms it into chemical energy, which the body then uses to repair its own tissue. The bio-stimulating effect of laser therapy causes decreases in both pain and inflammation, and an increase in tissue regeneration and accelerated healing.

Treatable Conditions:

Knee pain/ligament injuries, Shin splints, Shoulder pain, Elbow pain, Neck pain, Low back pain, Achilles tendinitis, Ankle sprains, Arthritis, Plantar fasciitis, Mortons neuroma, Wrinkles, Acne, Eczema/psoriasis, Herpes simplex, Sinusitis, TMJ pain, Wounds, Diabetic neuropathy


Single Treatments ……. $65.00

Series of 3 Treatments ……. $165.00

Series of 6 Treatments ……. $310.00