Chemical Peel

Alumier MD is an exclusive medical skincare line (Health Canada approved) that gives you noticeable results quickly, without invasion or irritation. As skincare experts, we are truly thrilled to work with advanced products in our treatment room and provide you with outstanding home care products that really work.  Giving you beautiful skin is our priority!

Commonly misunderstood, a chemical peel is one of the most effective ways – in terms of cost and result – to correct major skin concerns such as acne, signs of aging and hyperpigmentation, all without downtime.

Applied with expert knowledge and technique, clients are very pleasantly surprised at the level of change they see in just one treatment. Contrary to popular misperceptions, they leave with a healthy glow and smoothed skin – not with the flaming red and irritated skin typically associated with these treatments.

What facial peel is right for you? Leave that to our expert hands to determine! The AlumierMD medical line has an intelligent and comprehensive range of peel blends and concentrations, allowing us to customize a treatment for your specific skin issues. In some treatment scenarios, you may require a peel product that results in minor peeling/flaking 2-3 days post treatment. However, many of the peel blends we use have no post peeling whatsoever. Based on your skin and lifestyle we can accommodate an outcome that is best for you.


For a thorough clean up and glowing skin – a single facial peel treatment will give you a great result

For deeper and more long-lasting results, and especially where more corrective action is needed – a series of 3-4 facial peels is recommended


Renew Peel - $175+tax

AHA Peel - $175+tax

BHA Peel - $175+tax

Glow Peel - $200+tax


Package of 3 Chemical Peels - $440

(Package includes Renew, AHA & BHA peels only. Upgrade 1 chemical peel in your package to a Glow Peel for $20)