Naieli Needham

I’ve always been drawn to all things aesthetically pleasing, from interior design to fashion and make up.  But I always struggled with connecting the beauty I felt inside with the face I presented to the world.  In the spring of 2021, I had been battling with acne for over 30 years and was transitioning out of a career in education to wellness coaching and counseling psychology.  When the opportunity to join the Skin Focus team was presented, the timing couldn’t be better.  

Skin Focus has been integral in my personal wellness journey.  For the first time in my life, I love (and am complimented on) my skin! It’s given me the confidence to take professional risks and explore new passions.  Working front desk means I can be part of another person’s journey to skin empowerment.  I understand the challenges of aging skin and empathize with patients who suffer chronic skin conditions.  I feel truly fortunate to work with such a caring, talented team.