Summer Special

20% off Sport Recovery IV Therapy
July and August at Nita Lake Lodge


Don’t let sore muscles and injuries prevent you from your sporting events this summer.
Intravenous Vitamin Therapy is a great support to improving muscle recovery and preventing injuries.
IV vitamin therapy is a ‘cocktail’ of high dose vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants. It is a safe and effective method for delivering nutrients quickly into the blood stream hence, having immediate results at a cellular level in the body. High doses of nutrients are beneficial for athletes, people with lowered immune systems or a high level of stress, chronic fatigue and for overall health maintenance and prevention.

All IV’s are prescribed and monitored by Dr. Dawn Gareau, Naturopathic Doctor at Nita Lake Lodge.
Contact the Spa at Nita Lake Lodge to reserve your appointment today.
P: 604- 966- 5715 or

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