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Perineural Injection Therapy

Perineural injection therapy is similar to prolotherapy. It uses a dilute sugar solution into the area around the nerve. Neurogenic inflammation drives chronic pain when nerves become damaged. The pain is often described as radiating and can span a large area of the body. Inflamed nerves can be the reason behind chronically restricted and painful muscles. These injections block the message and when repeated over time can return the nerve to a healthy state and relieve pain.

What to expect from your treatment

The quick procedure involves a series of prepared dextrose injections administered through short needles just below the surface of the skin. The number of injections needed depends on how long the patient has been experiencing pain and the severity of it, however, most patients respond to 3 to 4 treatments.

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Appointment Time

First appointment and consultation will be about 60 min.
Your appointment time will be approximately 30mins.


One of the significant benefits of perineural injection therapy is that there is no downtime, and you can return to activity immediately after the injections.


You don’t need to restrict your activities after treatment. You may experience a little “treatment stiffness” from the needles, but this does not usually last long.

Products used

Dextrose in a dilute solution (5%) or Mannitol 5%.


Perineural therapy works by targeting subcutaneous nerves that reside just under the skin. These nerves send impulses from their local bone, muscle, and soft tissues and transmit pain signals.

PIT consists of an injection close to nerves with a goal to restore normal function in nerves that cause chronic pain and degeneration. Prolotherapy is an injection with the goal to repair weakened or stretched ligaments or tendons or stabilize joint surfaces affected by arthritis. Prolotherapy has a higher concentration of dextrose as well.

The needles are very thin and once the process has started, the solution makes the next injection less painful. Most people tolerate the procedure very well and are quite surprised by how quickly they become free of pain. The injections are also very superficial so they do not hurt in the same way as a “flu needle” into the muscle might hurt.

The dextrose solution immediately blocks receptors on the nerve endings responsible for pain and inflammation. The solution also helps to heal the associated muscles, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage surrounding nearby joints associated with the painful nerve. Patients often feel fast pain relief by the time they arrive home – and sometimes even before they leave the office. Treatment is usually several weekly sessions with a gradual reduction in symptoms, often done with other regenerative therapies to achieve best results. (For example, it is common to combine treatment of the soft tissues surrounding the joints, the joint itself, and the nerves supplying all of this.)

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